PermaSafe is a state-of-the-art, Long Term Microbial Control System Air and Surface Protectant. Effective on all interior surfaces, our proprietary, ecofriendly and EPA approved disinfectant eliminates over 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew and other harmful microbes that can be hazardous to a persons health, while also removing allergens and odors.

Our installers will blanket your space with PermaSafe SHIELD, our patented Perpetual Antimicrobial Surface Protectant.

While effective antimicrobials are not new, PermaSafe SHIELD’s ability to continuously eliminate and control microbes, and do so through a purely physical or “mechanical” process without the use of any harmful chemicals, is revolutionary.

Conventional disinfectants and antimicrobials kill microbes by poisoning them with toxic chemicals. Even those that achieve results with nontoxic ingredients are designed to both act and dissipate quickly to avoid harm to humans and animals. Unfortunately, as soon as the disinfectant evaporates, so does its antimicrobial capabilities.

Unlike other antimicrobials, PermaSafe SHIELD is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, odor free, environmentally neutral, and can remain antimicrobially active for the life of the surface to which it’s applied.

Upon application, the patented antimicrobial agent in PermaSafe SHIELD chemically reacts with, and molecularly bonds to, the surface to which it is applied, becoming an integral and permanent part of that surface.

As the coating dries, millions of microscopic antimicrobial “spike-like” appliances form and extend from the surface. These “spikes” are actually long chains of positively charged atoms, and represent a deadly dual threat to microbes.

Once cured, the antimicrobial coating is invisible and completely harmless to humans, yet extraordinarily effective at eliminating harmful microorganisms. Because the cell walls of harmful microbes are negatively charged, they are drawn toward and pulled onto the positively charged antimicrobial spikes by electrostatic attraction. Destruction is instantaneous and complete as the antimicrobial spikes both rupture the microbes’ cell walls and “vaporizes” them by delivering a powerful electrostatic charge.

Available only from authorized installers and service facilities, PermaSafe’s EPA approved products are applied with specialized “fogging” equipment that atomizes and propels them throughout your space. We also have solutions for heating and air conditioning ductwork and storage spaces, ensuring complete 360° coverage for every surface in your space.


Allow us to sanitize your space with an antimicrobial solution that works 24/7